Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Madness - Faculty Technology and Instructional Classes

FRIDAY, MARCH 5TH - 10-11:30
Library Express - Library Database

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THURSDAY, MARCH 25TH - 1:30-3 pm

ing - Free from Techsmith - Elegant and simple, Jing's minimal feature set keeps the focus on instant sharing. We think it's the perfect companion to the faculty who need quick video clips and screenshots every day.  Screen Capture, Screencasting, & cross platform compatibility.

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MONDAY, MARCH 29TH - 9:30-11 am
Scholar - How does Scholar work?

SEARCH - do simple or more advanced search by tag, discipline, and/or institution. You set the parameters to get exactly what you need.

BROWSE - check out other users' resources and collections to help in your own courses and studies.

SUBSCRIBE - choose search terms or a user's collection that is relevant to you and sign up to receive the most recent bookmarks via RSS.

HOW DO I CREATE MY OWN COLLECTIONS? To create your own bookmark collections, you need a Blackboard Scholar® account. Only users of the Blackboard Learning System™ (including former WebCT Vista and CE products) can create an account, and you do so through your Blackboard course or by clicking the Scholar tab within Blackboard if your institution has it enabled.

My institution has Blackboard but can't see how to access Scholar through it.
My institution does not have Blackboard - can I still use Scholar?
What else can I do with an account?

Not only can you continue to SEARCH and BROWSE resources, but once you have an account, you can also:

FIND your own relevant, reliable resources to build your collection.
SAVE & TAG your resources with the classifications that work for you.
IMPORT resources from your browsers or other social bookmarking services.
SHARE your collection with other scholars.

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TUESDAY, MARCH 30TH - 9:30-11 am


Many faculty have expressed their interest in creating videos for their online classes; however, they have been "put off" by the tedious process of captioning their videos after they've completed lectures.

This is your opportunity to take advantage of the Distance Education Captioning Grant fund.  We've been approved for this year's applicants already!  And . . . the process was painless and fairly quick. 

This workshop is intended to show you how easy it is to fill out the forms requesting your videos be captioned and how to manage them once you've been approved. 

Whether you intend to caption videos this, next or maybe even the following semesters, this workshop will give you the knowledge and understanding of how it works, what you need, how long it takes and what formats to use.

Hope to see you there!

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