Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Important Blackboard Info

Here’s the skinny on what’s happening for the scheduled Blackboard 9.1 Fall upgrade:

NOTE: In preparation for the Fall upgrade, we will be “DISABLING” old courses between the dates of 4/1/10-12/1/08 so they can be migrated to the new system. Panic not, oh, wise ones - This process shouldn’t interrupt services or in any way affect your current classes.

If you need access old courses before Fall, you can contact us for assistance.

The “Switch” from old to new will take place during Fall In-Service. And if all goes according to plan, it should be fairly seamless. Old courses should be on the new version; however, there are a couple things to note:

  • Instructors teaching Summer courses - as a precaution - should ARCHIVE their course as soon as their students complete the finals –So you will have a copy of everything including their grades . . . in the unlikely event of a problem.
The plan is that you will still have access to the old Bb server– so you can complete your grades, etc. You will just need to notify us, and we will give you directions to access it at that time.

  • Anyone wanting to start working on their Fall classes on the Version 9.1 STAGING server (your sandbox), can do so by contacting us.

  • IF YOU’RE USING COURSE CARTRIDGES, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR COURSE PUBLISHER IMMEDIATELY TO BE SURE YOU ARE COMPATIBLE WITH BB V9.1, and that you have the correct keys. We strongly advise you test the cartridge on the staging (sandbox) server BEFORE the start of the Fall semester.

We will be offering more classes in July and August ☺ So if you were unable to attend one of our earlier sessions, you will have another opportunity later in the Summer.

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