Thursday, July 22, 2010

Upgrade Update and Fall Course Shells

  1. Fall course shells will be created AUTOMATICALLY by ticket number on the NEW 9.1 server.  Fall course shells will NOT be available on the OLD 7.3 version.  
  2. The new Fall server will be available within the next few days.  We will notify everyone as soon as it has been released.
  3. Meanwhile – you should be using the STAGING/SANDBOX to make changes to OLD courses in preparation for Fall
  4. If you’re currently using the staging / sandbox and are ready to save the changes you’ve made in preparation for Fall, do the following:  NOTE: COURSES IN STAGING WILL NOT BE AUTOMATICALLY MOVED OVER TO THE NEW SERVER.
  5. If you’ve recycled courses or combined ticket numbers in the past, this practice will no longer be available.  Please contact us for further instructions.


a. In the staging / sandbox, go to PACKAGES AND UTITLITIES, and select the EXPORT option.  Select the EXPORT button again.  Select all the content items you wish to export.
b. Go get a cup of coffee or catch up on your emails for about 15 minutes or so ϑ
c. Go BACK INTO EXPORT and RIGHT click on the export zip file.  SAVE it to your desktop or flash drive.
d. Wait for the Fall New Server to become available.
e. When Fall is available, go to PACKAGES AND UTILITIES on the new server, and select IMPORT PACKAGE.  Browse for your saved exported .zip file and select the content to upload.  SUBMIT.
f. Relax ϑ . . .
a. Um, well, just double check all your links and dates, etc to be sure everything came in ok.
b. Then relax ;O) 

    Questions?  Be sure to contact us.  We’re happy to help.

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