Friday, August 27, 2010

Blackboard Bugs to Note

We are currently working with Blackboard to resolve the following things: 
  1. Announcements may not function properly.  You may be able to post an announcement but the dates are not sorting correctly, or you may receive an error when attempting to post a new announcement.  
  2. Email notifications within Blackboard are disabled due to an internal server error.   You can still email your ticket number from Exchange.  Use the address in the to box:
  3. Microsoft Office documents don’t seem to play with Bb as they should.  Students see permissions errors with document attachments.  This happens particularly with IE 8.  But it seems random  . . .  Convert to pdf where possible.  
  4. External links to websites sometimes throw errors or won't open the link; right click and open in a new window seems to work for the moment.
  5. Large imports from old to new or staging to new can be problematic.  If you have large classes – import section by section.  Be patient.  It can take a long time – especially if you have large files in your course.

If you are experiencing technical problems other than these above, please contact us.  We will work with you and Blackboard to resolve it as quickly as possible or find a work-around until they release a fix.

Reminder – if you’re teaching late start classes, be sure to double-check your courses.


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