Friday, August 27, 2010

Importing and Exporting your course


a. In the course you want to copy from, go to CONTROL PANEL, go to PACKAGES AND UTITLITIES, and select the EXPORT option.  Select the EXPORT button again.  Select all the content items you wish to export.
b. Go get a cup of coffee or catch up on your emails for about 15 minutes or so :O)
c. Go BACK INTO EXPORT and RIGHT click on the export zip file. SAVE it to your desktop or flash drive.
d. Go into the course you want to copy to.
e. Go into the CONTROL PANEL, go to PACKAGES AND UTILITIES, and select IMPORT PACKAGE.  Browse for your saved exported .zip file and select the content to upload.  SUBMIT.
f. Relax  :O) . . .
a. Um, well, just double check all your links and dates, etc to be sure everything came in ok.
b. Then relax ;O) 

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