Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hi All :O)

Hope things are starting off right.  Here's a quick Blackboard tip to keep handy.

Dropped students will still show up in your roster in Blackboard but they will have a 'unavailable' in the availability column as well as the universal no sign to the left of the last name (BUG NOTE:  If you don't see this refer to the bottom of the page).

If you want to hide them from the grade center:

Select THE MANAGE button; then ROW VISIBILITY  > then click the checkboxes for the names with the no sign; select HIDE; BE SURE TO SUBMIT – if you go back to the grade center and they're not hidden, you forgot the submit button :O)

BUG NOTE:  If you don't see the universal no sign next to the names, it's because you reordered your view.  The AVAILABILITY column HAS TO BE ABOVE the grey line locking it in place in order to see the no sign.  We think this is a bug and have placed yet another case which is pending.

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