Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things to Know before you Go for Summer

We know the Spring semester is winding down.  Before you leave for Summer break, we want to let you know what to expect when you return for Fall 2011.

August 15-17 (Monday- Wednesday Inservice).  Please note this on your calendars. BLACKBOARD WILL BE DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE & UPGRADES – 
1.  During the above maintenance in August, much needed service packs will be applied to the server (up to SP5).   These service packs will take care of some of the 'bugs' we all have been experiencing and will include some enhancements to the features we currently have.   Yeah!  Service Pack 5 addresses over 102 bug fixes and some enhancements; we've highlighted the most popular ones on our website,

2.  VERY IMPORTANT!!  Course Clean up-  2008-2010 courses will be REMOVED from the production server.  They will still be available for you on the staging environment as an archive; however, it will not contain any changes you may have made to those courses on production this year  (if you happen to use old courses as masters).  So BE SURE TO EXPORT / BACK UP ANYTHING IN THOSE OLD COURSES YOU MAY WANT TO KEEP – see our blog for instructions

3.  We will be holding our Annual iTech Expo (aka Boot Camps) the last week in July, 7/25-29.  Signups will begin within the next couple weeks.  So keep your eyes open for them.  Bookmark our Blog, – class offerings will be posted there as well as our website:  

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